Can i use my own embroidery file or one from another supplier?

Yes you can.
If you have had an embroidery file digitised by another company then you need to email us the embroidery file. You may have this file in one or several formats. The formats we need the file in are .dst or .emb. Additionally, you may have a pdf file showing what the embroidery looks like in it’s finished format. This would also be worthwhile sending to us.

Embroidery file formats can only be opened in programs specifically designed to do so, or by embroidery machines so don’t expect to be able to view the .dst or .emb files yourself. If you aren’t sure what design the file contains just send it to us and we can open it and send you a pdf of the design.

It may also be worth asking your previous embroidery supplier for the colour thread numbers. All embroidery threads have a manufacturers name, such as Madeira and a code number. If you want us to match the colours you have had the design embroidered in previously then we will need these numbers. Alternatively, if you can provide us with a sample of the embroidery design on an item of clothing that you have then we should be able to match the colours from the sample.

For more information please contact us.