How do you put my logo onto clothing?

Good question!
You will need to provide us with your logo in an electronic format of some type. You will probably have the logo in formats such as a jpg, pdf, eps etc. If you do not yet have a logo for your company then our graphic design department can work with you to create a logo for your business.

Once we have the logo it needs to be “digitised”. This involves converting the design from a standard computer image format, such as a jpg to a format that an embroidery machine can understand. The conversion involves turning the various elements of the design into a “stitched” format, telling the embroidery machine when to move the needle up, down, left, right, change colour etc to create the finished embroidery onto the garment of your choice.

Our machines are multi-head embroidery machines that are capable of embroidering your logo onto up to 12 garments at a time.

For more information please contact us.